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Senior Feature: Carling Renwick

By: Madison Gelinger/Senior Writer

“High School was alright, but I loved the memories” is the quote that exemplifies Carling’s high school life.


As Carling Renwick continues her final year of high school, she has been thinking about working for 1-2 years and then either going to college or a trade school. While working,  she wants to save up money and give herself a break. 


While she was in high school Carling did cheerleading for three years and prom committee for one year. Carling anticipates that the next few years will be chaotic compared to high school because she will be trying to figure out her life and getting things in order for her future. Her dream job is to be a lawyer.


A piece of advice Carling would like to share with underclassmen is: “Don’t pay attention to what anyone else has to say about you, If it makes you happy then who cares what anyone else has to say.”


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