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Senior Feature: Carli Thornton

By: Caila George/Assistant Senior Feature Editor

Senior Carli Thornton’s future plans are to attend college and major in sports management with a minor in broadcasting.

Thornton’s extracurricular involvement includes National Junior Honor Society for three years, National Honor Society for three years, and Prom Committee for two years. She also managed soccer for two years, ran track for three years, and played volleyball for two years.

Thornton’s favorite high school memory is going to the dances.

“I’ve always enjoyed going to the dances and helping out with them. After graduation,  I am going to miss attending sporting events. The atmosphere is always special and memorable.”

Her favorite teacher is Kimberly Davenport. She says that is because Davenport always makes sure she has enough time to get her work done. Her mentor, she says, has always been her dad.

“He has always been there for me.  Because he used to work at the school, I could just go up to his room and get help from him.”

Photo Taken By: Kristen Burkhart

Carli’s favorite class is her independent studies with Nick Swaha.

“Working with Mr. Swaha allows me to experiences some things I want to practice in a  future career, like announcing and setting up for games.” 

Outside of school, Thornton participated in disc golf for five years, competing and placing first in all of the competitions. She also participated in a throw pink clinic at the United States Disc Golf Championship.

Photo Taken By: Stephnie Thornton

Thornton’s favorite school lunch is macaroni and cheese, but, she says, for the most part she packs her lunch. If she packs her lunch, she has a variety of food such as, shark gummies, popcorn, pasta, and fruit.  

Her advice to underclassmen is “just keep going through all the school work, it will be worth it.” 

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Caila George
Caila George
Caila is a senior that is striving for greatness in school to pursue her dream to become an Event Planner and run track and field in college. Caila runs for the track and field team here at Blue Ridge. In Caila’s free time, she enjoys the company of her friends and family. Caila loves to read books, run, and work hard to achieve her dreams. She is a part of the National Honor Society, Leo Club, SADD, Prom Committee, and Events and Operations Assistant for Blue Ridge’s Athletic Director.
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