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Senior Feature: Cadence Lusk

By: Elizabeth Solonewitz / Senior Writer

A quote that represents Cadence Lusk’s high school experience is…”it’s over in a blink of an eye.”

As Cadence Lusks’s time at BRHS dwindles to an end Cadence has made a decision on what she is going to do with her life. Although she has a lot of ideas about what to she wants to do and many dreams that she would like to accomplish; involving going to the LPN program at SCCTC. after finishing a course of nursing at Votec through BRHS. Next she would like to work for a hospital while she is still in college… . While accomplishing all of these goals she is also going to be challenging her self a little bit more by taking up a dance class on the side, for she has been dancing for 15 years now. Her dream job would be a nurse in the Operation Room or with Labor and Delivery. She thinks it will be a little stressful but it will all work out in the end.

During High school Cadence Participated in Foot Ball Cheerleader for the Sabers as a flyer for three years, Basket Ball Cheer for the Raiders as a captain her senior year and a flyer her previous years, and still took Dance Classes on the side of school, sports, and work. A piece of advise she would like to give to her young classmates is “Get your work done and don’t give up”.


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elizabeth solonewitz
elizabeth solonewitz
Elizabeth Solonewitz is in her first year of journalism as a senior writer. Her hobbies are cheerleading and drawing. She has a lot more hobbies. In the future, she also dreams one day to be an art therapist.
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