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Senior Feature: Brynne Cordsen

By: Abby Laude/Senior Feature Editor 

“Many of the truths that we cling to depend on our point of view.” ~Obi-Wan Kenobi

Senior Brynne Cordsen plans to double major in neuroscience and education at Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts. 

“I chose Mount Holyoke because of the community and because they have a great career development center. Also, I knew that I wanted to go to a women’s college.”

While at Blue Ridge High School, she was involved in Art Club (president, 1 year) and the Blue Ridge Pride Club (president 2/3 years), of which she is the founder and National Honors Society (3 years).

“During my time in the art club we visited Salt Springs, and I feel that was a very good experience for me. I really enjoyed bringing together the LGBTQ+ students in the BR Pride Club, too.”

Her favorite high school memory is of the cadaver field trip at Misericordia University for Shirley Motyka’s anatomy class. 

“I like the hands-on experience of opening up a cadaver and seeing all of the organs and body systems that we learned about in class.”

After graduation, Cordsen is going to miss the teachers. She said, “I have great relationships with them and they have been very helpful and supportive throughout my high school career.”

When asked about her favorite teachers, she could not just pick one. She says she “genuinely  enjoyed” all of her teachers and the classes they taught. 

“I feel like the teachers are what make the education. I feel like without the amazing teachers that I had, I would not be in a position to attend the college of my choice.”

Cordsen’s mentor was biology teacher Shirlefay Motyka. 

“When I was in her flex, we talked about life and personal issues–we really related.”

Her favorite class was AP Government and Politics and her favorite school lunch is mac and cheese.

The advice she offers underclassmen is to “have time management and do not be afraid to reach out if you need help.”

Click here to learn more about Mount Holyoke College:

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Abby Laude
Abby Laude
Abby Laude is heading into her senior year which makes her a 2024 graduate. She is apart of Prom Committee, National Honors Society, and SADD. She is also on the varsity softball team where she spends most of her time. Her future plans consist of going to college to obtain a bachelor's degree in Human Services, but she is unsure of what job to specifically pursue. Outside of school, Abby likes to camp, shop, and hang out with family. 
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