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Senior Feature: Brock Gumaer

By: Annie Bonner/ Content Editor

Known as “Brock the rock” to many, Brock Gumaer is currently a senior at Blue Ridge High School. Throughout high school, Brock has participated in many things. He has played football, baseball, and basketball since freshman year, and also is in an array of clubs at the school. He is in Leo Club, FBLA, prom committee, and homecoming committee. Brock also was on homecoming court this year.

When asked what his favorite thing about high school has been, Brock responded “getting to interact with my friends in classes and being able to play high school sports competitively.”

Gumaer’s favorite teacher throughout school has been Mr. Brian Lewis. He says that Mr. Lewis introduced him to the business world and helped him decide what he wants to do in the future.

About Brock, Mr. Lewis said “Brock is a very engaged student who should have a bright future in business because he challenges traditional business concepts.”

Brock’s favorite memory is from eighth grade, when he, Andrew Merrell, Sam Cosmello, Adam Roe, and Fred Lewis all skipped class to go play basketball in the gym–and Mr. Joe Conigliaro, vice-principal at the time, wrote them all up together.

His advice to underclassmen is “study hard and take your classes seriously, and make sure to take all of Mr. Lewis’ classes,” which Brock took probably ten of in the last four years.

Gumaer plans to attend either St. John’s, Syracuse, or Penn State University to major in sports marketing and hopefully work for a professional sports team one day.


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