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Senior Feature: Brianna Hendrickson

By: Makayla Shidagis/Sophomore Writer

“You start school by yourself, you leave school by yourself. Stay true to you!”

Brianna Hendrickson has participated in many art-related functions. She recently took part in the “Paint the Plow” contest, in which she took first place.

After high school, Brianna plans to further her education in hopes to work with animals and possibly own her own sanctuary someday. Her dream job is to be a marine biologist.

She says that while she is in college she would like to possibly join clubs/activities that have to do with culinary and or art. Brianna anticipates that the next few years will be fast and difficult compared to high school.

Brianna’s advice for underclassmen is that “Truancy is real. Go to school and stay on task with your work.”


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