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Senior Feature: Breanna Derrick

By: Isaiah Rosa/ Senior Writer

Quote: This is all a moo point- Joey from FRIENDS 

As Breanna’s High School career is dwindling to an end she has put a lot of thought into her future. She once dreamed to be an actress, and is still following that dream, going to auditions for shows and such next summer, but if nothing comes of it she plans to go to Broome County College for Mass Media and Communications to eventually become a radio host one day in the near future. 

Throughout her high school career Breanna Derrick participated in many different activities such as, being a prop and set designer along as stage crew for shows, James and The Giant Peach, Frozen, Grease the Musical, The Music Man, Fiddler On Then Roof, etc. She was also a supporting lead in The Music Man playing Mrs. Squirrels and a Pick a Little Lady, along with a lead in Grease The Musical(Jan). She also participated in Poetry Out Loud during her sophomore year, the Envirothon during her junior year, Raider Reader her Junior year and Senior Year, and she also participated in a poetry writing competition during her 9th and 10th grade years. 

She is very excited for her journey into the world, and hopes that college along with the career of her final choice will suit her well. Saying that “the next few years of my life may be a little difficult but her goals make it worth all of the hard work”

When asked about what wise words she would share with her pupils she said “ Just keep your head up, be yourself, and most importantly have the best time of your life cause it’ll be over before you know it.”


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Isaiah Rosa
Isaiah Rosa
Isaiah Rosa is in his first year of journalism. He enjoys playing basketball and football as his elected sports. He does not plan to go to college but does plan to go straight into the workforce after high school.
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