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Senior Feature: Brayden Reese

By: Emily McCarthy/ Junior Writer

Brayden Reese is a senior at Blue Ridge High School graduating in 2024; he has many plans for his future after high school. After graduation Reese plans on attending Trade school, to become an electrician and eventually start his own business.

Brayden’s favorite memory throughout his high school career was hiding in the locker rooms on the last day of school. Brayden always enjoyed fooling around and having fun in every situation he could. Something Brayden will miss after leaving Blue Ridge High School will be messing around in the halls with his friends. 

Brayden had many teachers throughout high school but the one that stood out to him the most was Kristen Heller, making his favorite class Mrs Hellers flex due to the laughs and excitement expressed in class.

Throughout his high school years, Brayden states that “his mentor was himself due to his ambition to be successful in life.” 

Brayden Reese’s advice to all following and underclassmen is “Don’t take it that seriously everyone gets the same piece of paper when they graduate.” 

Brayden’s life throughout school is mostly geared towards his hobby of quad racing, all over Pennsylvania and New York. Allowing him to create many new friends along with making stronger bonds with older ones.

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Emily McCarthy
Emily McCarthy
Emily McCarthy is a junior at Blue Ridge High School, where she is the treasure of her class. Emily is a member of many clubs including Art club, Science club, FBLA, Leo club, student council, and SADD. Emily loves to cheer, she does competition along with basketball cheer. One of her favorite things to do outside of school is spending time with friends and family. 
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