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Senior Feature: Brandon Gentile

By: Reese Allen/Junior Writer and Content Editor

“Because I am aware of my flaws, I am fearless, because I learnt how to recognize illusion from real. I am wise because I learned from my mistakes.”

Brandon Gentile, a Blue Ridge senior, intends to study Architecture in college. Because of his interests in design and causation, he chose this path. Gentile hopes to continue his career in ten years, with the goal of getting a full-time job in architectural engineering and running a family business. Gentile is going to participate in band activities in college.

Gentile has competed in a variety of sports and clubs during his time at Blue Ridge, including cross country for four years, track and field for three years, SADD for two years, golf for one year, and volleyball for one year.

Gentile is excited to see where the next chapter of his life is going to take him, although high school was a good experience, he wants it to be over sooner than later so that he can look forward to greater things in the future. Words of advice that Gentile would give to the underclassmen, is to always be having a good time no matter what, “Have fun doing things to your fullest at all times.”


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Reese Allen
Reese Allen
Reese Allen is in her first year of journalism. She is entering her junior year of high school.  She participates in National Honor Society, Student Council, Class Officer, and basketball. In her free time she likes to hangout with friends and watch Netflix.
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