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Senior Feature: Brandon Bartkus

By: Paul Janicelli/Freshman Writer

“Do what you wanna do.”

Brandon Bartkus’ plans after high school consist of possibly going to college for business; he also might go to a school to learn about plumbing as well.

During his time at Blue Ridge, he has participated in co-op. Co-op is a program where seniors attend classes in school, then leave after third period for work. Bartkus is currently working at New Milford Hardware.

Bartkus predicts that the next few years of his life will be like his co-op experience, but more work and not much school, unless he decides to attend college. His dream job is to start a successful business, or something related with gaming.

His advice for underclassmen would be to do what you want do in life and to find your passion and stick with it.


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Raider Reader Staff
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