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Senior Feature: Alyssa Sherwood

By: Madison Swisher/Senior Writer

“Good woman, wild soul, strong heart.”- R.H. Sin

High school moments and memories come and go, but for senior Alyssa Sherwood, the time is passing sooner than it feels.

Sherwood plans to attend college and strive to reach her goal of becoming a nurse. While getting her nursing degree, Sherwood will be playing volleyball. Colleges have already started recruiting her, including Penn State Scranton and Marywood University.

Volleyball is something Sherwood is known for, and has been a very important aspect of her high school career. She always knows how to bring out energy in the room for players and fans. While playing for the Blue Ridge girls’ volleyball team, she also plays travel volleyball (AAU). Sherwood has also been the manager for the boys volleyball team for 3 years.

When asked about what she liked about her senior year of volleyball, Sherwood said, “I always enjoy the family environment within our volleyball team, and I feel like senior year more than ever I really felt the love, respect, and faith through my teammates.”

Sherwood has been able to balance her volleyball success on top of achieving good grades, which is something to be proud of. Thankfully, Sherwood has friends and family to help her through and support her along her journey.

When asked how Alyssa anticipates the next few years at college will go compared to high school she says, “I feel like I’ll be a lot more focused in college due to the fact that I’m learning something I’m interested in.”

Some of the underclassmen look up to seniors as role models, and want to see if they have any advice for them going forward. Alyssa would like all underclassmen to remember these words. “Don’t wait until your junior or senior year to start worrying about your grades. Focus on them all year round to stay on top of it all. If you wait, you will regret how it effects the rest of your life choices.”


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Madison Swisher
Madison Swisher
Madison Swisher is a senior and a first year member of journalism. She decided to take journalism her last year of high school because she wants to try something new and experience this to see if this is something she would like to continue in college. Madison’s career choices are involved around music, she is interested in pursuing a career in playing her trumpet for others and/or teaching other students with the same interests.
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