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Senior Feature: Allyssa Johnson

By: Kaelin Hughes/Junior Writer

“I think I sound crazy right now. I probably do, but I live in my own head so it all makes sense to me.” – Tyler the Creator

Allyssa Johnson’s plans after high school are a secret and she believes people should “mind their own business” about it. Her intentions are to participate in “whatever floats her boat.”

Johnson’s activities during high school consisted of Journalism, Leo Club, FBLA, Track and Field, National Honor Society, Envirothon, Theater, and Yearbook. She believes the next few years following high school will be fantastic, but scary, since she’s going into the real world.

A piece of advice from Johnson to all underclassmen would be to be yourself, don’t let people dominate you in life, and go on as many field trips as possible.

Johnson’s dream jobs are to be an alligator wrestler, or a fishflop designer.


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