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Senior Feature: Alexia Stone

By: Rayne Glover/Junior Writer and Social Media Director

“You are successful the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile goal.” – Charles Carlson

Alexia Stone, a senior at Blue Ridge, is a participant in Leo Club (3 years), National Honors Society (4 years), Students Against Destructive decisions (3 years), managing the girls JV Varsity basketball team (3 years), was treasurer of FBLA (1 year), and was a part of Science Club and Prom Committee (1 year). You may think Alexia has a lot on her plate with all she’s been involved in during her 4 years at Blue Ridge, but she decided to keep up the hard work by planning on staying within the honors program, and volunteering to any of those who need her help in other work environments/clubs.

Stone’s plans for after high school are to attend college and receive her Doctorate in Occupational Therapy, though her dream job is to have her own business for Occupational Therapy. She elaborated by saying, “Working with any age of children to those who are going through rehabilitation and have to learn all of the functioning skills again.” She decided to take this path because ever since she was younger she’s always been interested in helping those around her with their personal struggles, and to help them achieve their personal goals. In ten years, she hopes to be involved in a great career with good working environment and in the process of buying her own house and starting a family.

She told the Raider Reader that she is looking forward to the next chapter of her life and being able to start her future career in something she knows she will enjoy and is needed all over the world. Knowing that the next 5 years of her life will be working towards her degree in what she wants to do makes it all easier to work even harder for that goal.
Her advice to the underclassman of 2020 is “High school is way too short to create any issues or let anything drag you down. Stay motivated into your school work as the years fly, have fun with your friends and always put yourself first. Stay determined and realize that it is moments like this that you will remember forever and its this part of your life that sets you into your career path. Set goals and always achieve them.”


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Rayne Glover
Rayne Glover
Rayne Glover is a first year student in journalism who enjoys learning, reading, and writing about current news/events. She’s a junior who participates in softball, basketball, and other out of school activities. Inspired by a past graduate, Savannah Glover, Rayne decided to join journalism. She is planning on attending college, but is still indecisive about where she wants to go and what she wants to major in.
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