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Senior Assassin: Day 1

By: Andre Evans / Senior Writer

Today at 3:00 PM marks the first day of Senior Assassin. At that time, while not many people were taken out, a few interesting things did occur. So, let’s go over them.

First of all, a new rule has been added to the game: If you’re attempting to take out your target, you must not be wearing your protection. Otherwise, your opponent will not be out.

There is an update on Ryan Scott who was taken out early in the game. He has been reinstated due to his car door being damaged in the process of the assassination attempt.

Finally, give a round of applause to our first blood of the game, Kelsey Wolfe, who took out Adam White earlier this morning! You can check out the video of her assassinating him here. That is all the updates for Senior Assassin today, keep on hunting your targets, assassins.

See Kelsey Wolfe take out Adam White:


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Andre Evans
Andre Evans
Andre Evans is a senior writer attending Blue Ridge School District. This is his second year of journalism. His main interests lie with video games, film, and overall story telling. He also has an interest in sales.
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