Sunday, May 26, 2024

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Senior Assassin: Day 0

By: Andre Evans / Senior Writer

Seniors, ready your water guns and pool floaties, because after school today, May 7th, 2024, is the start of Blue Ridge’s Senior Assassin event. Seniors have signed up using the Splashin app, which is how the game will be running. There, seniors get their target to “assassinate” with a water gun. If the person has a floaty or some form of water gear like goggles on, however, they’re safe from being taken out of the game. If you’re caught lacking without a sign of protection, you’re out and give your target to the person you got “assassinated” by.

Each day, we’ll gather who’s been taken out by who, and give updates right here on the Raider Reader for everyone to follow along with who’s in and out of the game, updating the list below to only include players still in the game each update post. The players are as follows:

Adam White
Andre Evans
Angelina Reynolds
Caila George
Carli Thorton
Carson Gallagher
Connor Cranage
Devon Valentin
Eli Buchanan
Ella Robinson
Ella Woosman
Ethan Ashley
Isaiah Torres
Jocelyn Frantz
Katie Gordon
Kelsey Wolfe
Kelsi Howe
Kendall Farthing
Kendra Millard
Landen Witbeck
Leigha McCain
Libby Zick
Luke Shea
Madison Makosky
Madeline Naylor
McKenna Lankford
Micah Edwards
Morgan Thomas
Nate Garrehy
Nick Laude
Olivia Phillips
Rheanna Valentine
Ryan Scott
Sam Callahan
Sophia Bianchi
Steven Loby
Vanessa Clapper
Wyatt Bross


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Andre Evans
Andre Evans
Andre Evans is a senior writer attending Blue Ridge School District. This is his second year of journalism. His main interests lie with video games, film, and overall story telling. He also has an interest in sales.
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