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Security Upgrade To Blue Ridge

By: Clayton Whitney/Senior Writer

In recent years, school security has been an ever-increasing priority nationwide. The Blue Ridge administration has been working with School Resource Officer (SRO) Greg Deck and Information Systems Network Administrator Mike Stewart by actively installing new cameras as he finds time within his IT duties.

The updated cameras can currently be found in the high school hallways, cafeteria, and the lobby. These cameras feature digital feed which allows for better picture quality and greater zoom capability as opposed to the outdated analog cameras. Some of the new digital cameras are capable of 360-degree footage along with zoom, which decreases the chances of blind spots within the system drastically.

Greg Deck, Blue Ridge high school’s student resource officer believes that the new cameras have a significant impact on the number of “shenanigans” related incidents. Deck believes that when students know that they are under surveillance, they are less likely to act out. Select administrators have access to the camera feed from the mobile devices, allowing them to keep an eye on things from virtually anywhere.

Just remember when you’re roaming the halls of Blue Ridge that someone is always watching.



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