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School Vacations at Blue Ridge

By: Brendan Marvin/ Sophomore Writer

Over the course of this school year, many students have gone on vacations to get away from the stress of work. Blue Ridge members were asked about their getaways, and more importantly, how they managed to balance their vacations with their academics.

The administration at Blue Ridge has a great way of helping students to make sure they stay caught up when they are on vacation.

Staying Caught Up

The administration at Blue Ridge has a great way of helping students to make sure they stay caught up when they are on vacation.

Before a student goes on vacation, they must go to the office and fill out a green permission slip. This permission slip includes the length of the vacation (up to 5 days). Along with this, it also requires the signature of the student and one of a parent or guardian. Once the slip is filled out, it is turned into the high school office. If the office approves, then the students go to the teachers. This is when work is given to students. Due to this process, students that go on vacation during the school year are able to be excused of their prolonged absence and are able to stay up-to-date with their school work

Student Input

One student at Blue Ridge, Bryce Conklin, went on vacation to Salmon River, New York for a relaxing fishing trip with his family. He was out of school for three days, and this is how he maintained his academic success while away from school. “I got my work early from my teachers and decided to get it out of the way, so I had my whole vacation for free time.” This shows the dedication between both the administration and students that allows students to have stress free time while also being successful in school.

Becca Paterno is another Blue Ridge student that went on vacation during the school year. She went to Florida for a 5 day Disney trip. This is what she said, “I made sure to actively check my work while on vacation and stayed ahead to ensure I wasn’t behind when I got back.” This is another example of how Blue Ridge allows students to peacefully go on vacation without the stress of being behind in school.

Overall, Blue Ridge makes the process of going on vacation along with staying ahead in school pretty simple and easy.


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