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By: Trista Stone/Senior Writer

As the students and faculty at Blue Ridge School District return back to school for the 2021 to 2022 school year, everything at school went from last years new normal , back to where it was two years ago! As this school year will go on many already students are wondering when when this years school pictures will be taking place.

A staff member by the name of Mrs. Haley, decided to answer some questions that needed to be answered!

She mentioned that school photos will be happening on Thursday, September 23rd. She also states that masks will be optional for the photo unless your parent says otherwise.

This years pictures will be held in the small gym again along with being taken by the Endless Mountains Studios from New Milford PA. There is an order for photos this year as in grades, votech and co-op. Mrs. Haley brought up that MS/HS, Votech and co-op students will be in line first taking place after them will be decided by homeroom/first period for the remainder of the school!


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