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Scholarships Are Coming In!

By: Milia Stilloe/Sophomore Writer

Scholarships are finally coming in! Guidance counselor Mrs. Shauna Williams encourages students to “listen to the morning announcements and check the counselling web page and social media for any available scholarships. Scholarships can equate to free money for college that you won’t need to pay back! Apply to as many as you can!” Scholarships are a good way to help many attend good colleges without the pile of debt. Many authorities recommend signing up for them even if you feel the need not to. So, go sign up now and increase your chances of winning big!


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Milia Stilloe
Milia Stilloe
Milia Stilloe is a first year sophomore journalism writer. She participates in school volleyball and travel volleyball. She also is in multiple clubs and enjoys playing outside with her friends and family in her free time.
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