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Scholar of the Year

By: Sarah Marble/Content Editor

The Scholar of the Year Award is an award that is given to a graduating senior who earned the highest grade point average for their class, according to high school guidance counselor, Mrs. Paula Finn. The award is presented through the Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit #19. Currently, most districts participate in presenting this award to a graduating student. Every year from Blue Ridge, a scholar of the year is selected. This year, Luis Tobon received the award for achieving high academic standing and receiving the highest GPA in the 2019 graduating class.

Luis Tobon is a highly dedicated student who has spent his time focusing on academics. When asking teachers about his dedication, what they said was not surprising. All had admiration towards Luis and his academic accomplishments.

When asking the high school guidance counselor, Paula Finn, what it means when the student win the award. She expressed that she is proud of Luis and all he has done and that he is a great example for his peers.  She said, “It is a great accomplishment for Luis and a testament to his hard work and dedication to his academics.”

Ms. Alicia Ross is one of Luis’s teachers and has had Luis in her AP classes for the past two school years. When asked about the type of student he was, she described Luis as an exemplary student who, “is so bright and sincerely interested in learning and mastering new skills. He is among the very top students I have encountered in my career.”

Towards the end of the interview, she said that felt that Luis winning the award was proper recognition for his dedication to his academics. Her response was, “Absolutely, this is a tremendous honor and he deserves to be recognized and celebrated for the outstanding scholar and young man he is.”

Another one of Luis’s teachers, Mrs. Aimee Krause has taught Luis since freshman year. When asking Mrs. Krause what type of student Luis was, she expressed that he is a one-in-a million student. She described him as driven, creative, honest, reliable, a leader, and an exemplary student.

She later then described Luis’s dedication to learning, “Luis is a highly dedicated learner and strives to learn more than what he is taught in the classroom.” Krause also described Luis as a self-starter who looks for and achieves goals he sets both for himself and that are set by others.

To conclude the interview, I asked how Mrs. Krause felt about Luis winning Scholar of the Year. Her response was, “Absolutely! Luis is such a brilliant young man who is a good example for his peers.”

When asking Luis about winning the award he said, “It was surprising, considering I had no idea it was an award. I always assumed Daniel Tierney (fellow senior) was Valedictorian, but after our transcripts were corrected, it proved other wise.” In question of him feeling that winning the award was a testament to his dedication towards academics, he explained that he was not solely dedicated to his academics, but that they were always a priority and he was always motivated to do his best due to his fear of failure.

After graduating high school, Luis immediately wants to go to college. His goal is to enroll in a medical school and major in biochemistry or neuroscience. Luis ended the interview saying, “I hope to become a Neurosurgeon and take over the world – All cliche big dreams.”


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Sarah Marble
Sarah Marble
Sarah Marble is a senior and a second year journalism student. She enjoys spending her time giving back to others. She values being involved in her community and school as an active leader. After graduating high school, she will be attending Penn State College of Nursing to earn a Bachelor´s Degree in nursing to become a Registered Nurse.


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