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Sapphire: The New Community Web Portal

By: Sarah Marble/Junior Writer

The Blue Ridge School District has turned away from the old Modular Management System, better known as MMS. The entire school district switched to the new Sapphire Community Web Portal.

“The Sapphire Community Web Portal is an improvement and more beneficial than the old MMS system for a variety of reasons”, according to the Principal of Curriculum, Mr. Matthew Nebzydoski.

When asked about the improvements of the new system, Mr. Nebzydoski stated, “The new system is an SIS System, also known as a Student Information System. This type of system allows better organization and is more efficient than the old MMS system.”

Mr. Nebzydoski said that the old MMS system was outdated and became difficult to use. He also explained that the Sapphire system allows students, teachers, and parents to be better connected. Sapphire provides more up to date information, and makes communication easier between students, teachers, and parents.

In regards to the grading aspects of Sapphire, it allows to account for weighted classes, including Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors.  The account for weighted classes creates more accurate Grade Point Averages for students. According to board policy, the grading scale remains 93-100% for non-weighted classes.

In conclusion, the new Sapphire Community Web Portal includes many benefits and improvements from the old MMS system. Sapphire allows for better organization, more efficiency. Most importantly, it creates greater communication and connection between students, teachers, and parents.


Sarah Marble
Sarah Marble
Sarah Marble is a senior and a second year journalism student. She enjoys spending her time giving back to others. She values being involved in her community and school as an active leader. After graduating high school, she will be attending Penn State College of Nursing to earn a Bachelor´s Degree in nursing to become a Registered Nurse.

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