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Top 5 This Week

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Sabers Football Team Line Up

Kelsey Wolfe/Sophomore writer

First row left #51 Collin Smith (OL and DL), #53 Isaiah Rosa (G and DT), #32 Carson William (WR and LB), First row right #12 Chase Bishop (WR and FS), #13 Auston Harvey (WR and FS), #6 Bradley Cottnell (C and WG), Second row left #8 Kameron Sheffer (WR and FS), #2 Johnathan Rosa (WR and DB), #11 Keeton Yannone (WR and CB), Second row right #52 Garrett Cordner (FB and MLB),#77 Devlin Ace (OL and DL), Third row left #15 Colton Stone (QB and FS), Third row right #3 Luke Hilling (WR and LB), #27 Kaleb Simer (RB and LB),  Fourth row left #64 John Michael Phillips III (T and DT), #21 Ryan Scott (WR an CB), #61 Gabe Tobon (OL and DL), Fourth row right #34 Samuel Callahan (WR and FS), #71 Zachary Staria (G and DT), Fifth row left  #14 Caeden Bower (WR and FS), #75 Steven Loby (G and DE), #20 Jason Smith (WR and CB), Fifth row right #42 Jesse DeLousia (FB and DE), #7 Spencer Beamer (WR and CB), #54 Rykin Hobart (OL and DL). Not in the photo but on the team #24 Layne Fisk (K, DB, and  RB), #9 Reilly Potter (WR and DB), #1 Isaiah Nalentin (WR and DB).


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Kelsey Wolfe
Kelsey Wolfe
Kelsey Wolf has entered into her first year of journalism as a Sophomore Writer and Junior Editor. During the time spent at Blue Ridge School District, she is known for being very outgoing and athletic. She participates in Track and Field competing in long jump, pole vault, and hurdles. Along with that, she manages the girls' basketball team and the soccer team.
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