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Review: Raider Cafe

By: Kyra Powell/Content Editor and Cassie Clapper/Senior Writer

The Blue Ridge Raider Cafe was a big hit this school year, with nearly 100 attendees and a sold-out concession stand.

“Every year it seems to get bigger and better! I’m absolutely thrilled with how it turned out,” says organizer and art teacher Sarrah Camburn.

Librarian Jennifer Yannone, who has attended for the last 3 years, was impressed with the turnout, saying, “I go out to see my daughter, and it’s really nice to see the support from fellow students and families. There’s poetry reading, singing, dancing, art on display, and Sam Beesley’s magic act was wonderful! Cabaret and Raider Cafe are two of my favorite nights because you get to see them express themselves doing what they love!”

Pictured: Patrick Brennan
Photo Taken by Sarrah Camburn

This idea originated from Camburn’s friend who works in the Susquehanna School District. Blue Ridge created ‘The Raider Cafe’ in 2015 to showcase the art of Blue Ridge’s students, and it doubles as a fundraiser for Art Club. “I want it to be a place where students hang out and showcase their artistic side!” says Camburn. Her vision was a relaxed cafe-like environment, since there aren’t any local hangouts (other than perhaps Dunkin Donuts). 



Pictured: Luis Tobon filming for the RaiderReader, Wesley Wojtkowski painting
Photo Taken by Sarrah Camburn
Pictured: McKenna Lankford
Photo Taken by Sarrah Camburn

The fourth annual Raider Cafe was different than it has been compared to the past years, and the perspective was rotated. Food was set by the lunch lines, and the performance area was moved to the back wall near the nurse’s hallway. Rather than being on the opposite side of the cafeteria, art was displayed merely on the other end of the food table.  There were also students stationed in various places creating live art. 

Additionally, tables were covered with paper tablecloths and arrayed with crayons so that they could be drawn on throughout the night.

There was magic, music, and more. The singing was either with a karaoke track, acapella, or with a student accompanist, be it themselves or a friend. The entire event lasted from 5 pm-8 pm. 

Photo Taken by Sarrah Camburn
Photo Taken by Sarrah Camburn








Some things that were great about this year’s event include the art display, live artists, and a more cozy set up. The art display was mostly from art club, while some artwork was from students in art classes. One of the live artists was Wesley Wojtkowski. It was a nice turnout. 

 Overall, the annual Raider Cafe proved to be yet another successful fundraiser, showcasing the many talents of Blue Ridge’s students.


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