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Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2

By: Dylan Stone/Sophomore Writer


In order to fully understand where this story kind of picks up, as well as to understand what exactly it is that each individual does and how they got to be the group they are now, it would help to watch the first movie (Guardians of the Galaxy) before watching this movie. The most important thing to keep in mind is that they focused quite a bit on making the movie fit in smoothly into the timeline and universe that the movie is in, so the movie is bound to start off a bit more on the slow side. This method of building in action and drama in the movie is entertaining to see and is a nice change from other movies, such as movies directed by James Bay. There is nothing wrong with either of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and both had me pleased and feeling that they were very well done.

The biggest change from the first to second movie (which was both funny and kind of amazing to see) was the change in the role of Groot to Baby Groot. He changes from being almost like a father figure to the group, to a baby who needs to be protected by everyone else and is almost child-like. The second best thing about this movie had to be the use of old-ish music that brings a slightly nostalgic feel. Though a majority of the songs were created before my time, I remember my mother having them on as she did things. The most nostalgic song for me had to be Southern Nights by Glen Campbell.

In addition to the minor things, there is also the introduction of many new characters, such as Ego The Living Planet, who is Star-Lord’s “father”. He helps Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) discover that he has powers that are linked to him. The interactions are all sweet to watch as Star-Lord goes from having no trust for Ego to being almost having trust — that is before Ego reveals that he, in essence, had killed Star-Lord’s mother, which causes Star-Lord to kill his “father”. We also discover that the bond between Yondu and Star-Lord is significantly more than what we originally thought it was; Yondu cares more than Ego had and the moment he decides to sacrifice himself for Star-Lord, the movie pulls at viewers’ hearts.

As far as the movie’s plot goes, director James Gunn does a good job picking up from where the last movie ended and the audience can hear and see many different references to the previous movie and how the Guardians came to be. We also get to see the transition in this movie from how the Guardians are sort of gung-ho, to how they have just as many enemies as they have friends in the galaxy that they fight to protect.

In addition to the problems we see the Guardians run into, we also get a more in-depth view of the Ravagers, more specifically, Yondu and his crew. Yondu gets overthrown and many of his supporters are thrown off the ship, into deep space to freeze to death. Viewers also see the bond that grows slowly between Rocket and Yondu, as they are similar to each other in the way that they both push those they hold dear away in order to “protect” them. They both also try to keep their feelings to themselves to avoid appearing weak. Gunn also introduces Yondu’s successor who had helped Yondu, Baby Groot, and Rocket escape the prison on the Ravager ship, his name being Kraglin and is played by Sean Gunn, James Gunn’s younger brother. Watchers are left to assume that from the ending of the movie, Kraglin will become the next Yondu and learn to hone the skill required to use Yondu’s arrow.

All in all, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was a fantastic movie that threw me a nice curve in terms of the roles that the characters played from the original as well as the interactions between the characters. It can also stand as a model of the ideal movie in the way that it picks up and fits in perfectly with the previous movie.


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