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Remembering Mrs. Hoffman

By: Callie Wyatt/Photo Editor


The Hoffman Couplet

Mrs. Hoffman making it to every game

The future ones will never be the same

She would yell, like a blow horn

When she left, I was torn

With a quote in our socks, every game

Watching us win, basking in our fame

Knowing she’s not here

Makes me scared in fear

Always thinking of us girls first

Even when we were at our worst

Whenever we had a big struggle

She would bring us in a group huddle

When there was gym class

Time would always pass

Bringing us together as a team

It helped us accomplish our dream

Knowing you are not here

Makes me shed a tear

We know you are in a better place, now

The cancer fought was a bitter race

Feedback from Blue Ridge Students

Raider Reader: What is your favorite memory with Mrs.Hoffman?

Hunter Vaughn:  When I got blood on my jersey from my arm and she kept getting me new ones because she wanted me to play in the game. I went through two jerseys before I stopped bleeding.

Karris Fazzi: The best memory I have of Mrs. Hoffman is of states for cross country in 2015. She was always there for me during my season and will always be in my heart. She never gave up on me and always believed in me. I will forever miss her. She was truly an impact in my life.

Dom Rogers: When Mrs.Hoffman would show us how to dance. She would make all of us laugh.

Jarred Mills: Getting the nickname Millzy and hearing her say it bright and early every day is something I’ll always remember about Mrs.Hoffman.

Mike Allen: After every basketball game when she would give us a high-five as we walked to the locker room.

Brooke Marvin: Right before volleyball districts playoffs, Mrs.Hoffman would create a poster full of candy and sayings for words of encouragement–so cute!

Emma Mangel: My favorite memory of Mrs. Hoffman is going to her office before games. We’d sit there and laugh at ourselves, while drinking lemonade. She’d always tell me, “You can do this, I have faith in you, shot fake and drive hard!” We had the best times, they’ll be in my heart forever.

Megan Houlihan: When she came to our game at Elk Lake, she was still the same supportive person that she always was. That’s how I’ll always remember her.

Hayleigh Fekette: My favorite memory of Hoffman is her coming into volleyball practice my sophomore year being so excited that we had won districts for the first time in years. She always went out of her way to make sure we had everything we ever wanted.

Courtney Randall: The hard work she put into getting us different spandex for three years and always saying, “I love you girls.”


Callie Wyatt
Callie Wyatt
High school senior, Callie Wyatt is a first year Raider Reader staff member and photo editor. She has played basketball and softball ever since she was little, and has played volleyball for two years. She is also an active member in the National Honor Society, Leo Club, SADD, and Prom Committee.

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