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Raider Pride Week

By: Madison Martin/ Sophomore Writer

Raider Pride Week is the week of 3/22-3/26 March. Monday is Red and White Day, where you wear anything red or white. Tuesday is Go Raider Crazy Day, where you wear crazy clothes or do your hair in a crazy way, or you can even wear a crazy hat. Wednesday is Raiders Sports Day, show off your favorite Raider team or any sports team that you like. Thursday is Class Theme day, and all grades have different themes. 9th grade is “A Day at the Beach”; dress for a summer day. 10th grade is “PJ Day”; you can wear your comfiest pajamas. 11th grade is ”Holi-Day.” dress up in your favorite holiday season. 12th grade is “The Senior Class”; dress up as if you are 60 years and older. All of the middle school is doing, “Fun in the Sun”; dress up for a summer day. Friday is “Class Pride Day”; wear your class color shirt. 9th- white, 10th- black, 11th-gray, 12th-red, and MS-blue.  

There is a dress code to follow:

  • No bathing suits 
  • No hooded sweatshirts 
  • No short shorts or skirts 
  • No tank tops with tiny straps
  • No ripped jeans 
  • Sweatpants are allowed if aligns with your spirit gear


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