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Quarantine Life as a Student

By: Mirella Annesi/Staff Artist

Quarantine life so far has definitely been a ride for people everywhere. The sudden change alone is enough to make one’s head spin. For me, it has been no different; not only is the schedule I’ve set for myself been disrupted, but with these extra things I have to accommodate for, I’ve really been out of my element. To be frank, it’s very much difficult to adjust to. 

For starters, school work. Going from in-classroom to online can be tricky to manage if you have a habit of procrastination and motivation issues like I do.  Online course work requires you to create a schedule for yourself and complete the weekly assignments given, meaning you have to be able to set times to work and keep on top of the work, which I have failed at so far. The majority of my assignments get completed when I can’t sleep at two or three in the morning, which by no means is healthy and I really need to fix it, but habits die hard. 

Secondly, social distancing has been a bit of a hassle, not only for me, but for everyone. Social distancing can impact the ability to get things done, such as errands and other day to day tasks that take place outside of the home. I haven’t had too much of a problem with this other than missing human interaction, which surprises me being the gosh darn introvert I am. For many, though, this means big trouble. Many people who are non-essential workers are faced with either extended periods of layoff or shortened hours, meaning no income, or collecting unemployment from the state.

Quarantine hasn’t been all bad though. With this extra time on people’s hands, many people including myself have begun to discover new hobbies and interests, or even picked up a few they had dropped along the way. For me, I’ve gotten into cosplay, and prop making. I find it quite fun to build costumes from scratch and embody characters, although I definitely need more practice at it. 

To conclude, having to quarantine due to COVID-19 has its fair share of ups and downs.  It may seem it will last forever, but it won’t. It will take some time to recover from it, but nothing lasts forever, and all we can do is ride out the storm and maybe enjoy the ride, because even seriousness needs a break and laughter is the best medicine when you’re feeling down.


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