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By: Tori Auckland/A&E Editor

We had amazing results this year at Pre-Auds! Out of all eleven students who auditioned, each and every one of them will be moving on to Districts! Pre-Auds is an intense singing competition, where students spend months working to learn one very difficult song. Once they get to the competition, they are asked by the judges to sing only a portion of the song a capella. Of the eleven students from Blue Ridge, four of them were our seniors! Kaelin Hughes placed 12th, Morgan Mansfield placed 2nd, Spencer Renwick placed 5th, and Madison Welsted placed 17th.

Kaelin Hughes got 12th place as an Alto 1. This is her second year in the competition, but her first year qualifying for Districts. She worked extra hard to make sure that she got further than she did last year. Last year Kaelin Hughes placed 23rd, but only the top 20 on each voice part are able to go. For the upcoming festival, Hughes is most excited about the amazing college food that she is going to have at Marywood, and getting to be involved in a chorus who is passionate about singing.

Morgan Mansfield placed 2nd as an Alto 2, qualifying for Regions for two years prior. Every night she practiced the piece, playing her piano along with it. She also used the track that Ms. Amy Zakarauskas made for her voice part. When she was walking into the room she said that she felt nervous and excited at the same time. The thing Morgan was most scared about was that she didn’t want this to be her last audition.

Spencer Renwick placed 5th as a Tenor 2. He said that the best part of Pre-Auds is when you find out that you actually made it. Spencer made it all the way to states last year, and is excited for the competition again this year. Spencer didn’t expect to qualify for states last year, so he was really shocked when he got the results back. For the upcoming students who dream to make it as far as he did he said, “You can’t cram music. You need to practice more than you think, it takes a lot.”

Madison Welsted placed 17th as a Soprano 2. She made it all the way to Regions last year, which is the third level. Madison worked really hard, but leaving her audition she still felt terrible about it and didn’t think that she was going to make it. Madison has a lot of experience doing these competitions and she said that her favorite memory is from when she checked the box that said she wasn’t going to go to regions, but Ms. Z told her to change it and kept pushing her.

Congratulations to everyone who made it. It looks like your hard worked payed off! Below is the list of all of our students who went to Pre-Auds.

Soprano 2: Madison Welsted-17th, Isabelle Edwards-8th

Alto 1: Kaelin Hughes-12th, Danielle Tierney-16th

Alto 2: Morgan Mansfield-2nd, Carling Renwick-16th

Tenor 1: Logan Mann-10th

Tenor 2: Spencer Renwick-5th

Bass 2: Tony Dissinger-4th, Mason Conklin-15th, Tommy Gibson-19th


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