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Poll for Best Baby Names of 2024

By: Erin Klock/Content Editor and Emily Hanson/Content Editor

Giving your child a name is the most crucial part of parenting. Recently, people have thought of new, unique names to give their children. Also, some of the names have even resurfaced from older generations. Here are our favorite baby names for all kids.

First, Paige, Violet, Adaline, Hazel, and Valarie are some of our favorite unique girl names.

Next, boys names we’ve picked out for the new year are Rowan, Xavier, Theo, Finn, and Noah.

Lastly, we love Avery, Quinn, Presley, Cameron, and Ezra as gender neutral names. We included unisex names because not all parents want their children to have gender restricted names.

In addition, take our 2024 baby name survey here:


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Emily Hanson
Emily Hanson
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