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Piercings at Blue Ridge

By: Brooke Kelly/ Junior Writer

Do you like piercings? The practice of piercing a part of the human body can be traced back thousands of years, according to Encyclopedia of Body Adornment

Many students at Blue Ridge High School have piercings, although some parents don’t like piercings and don’t approve of them. Most places that offer piercings require a parent’s signature for anyone under eighteen years old. However, if they don’t make people sign, they often require some form of identification.

Students Opinions

Junior Emily Hanson has thirteen piercings. She states, “I started getting piercings as a baby. Since then, I have done my own except when I went to a professional for my belly button piercing.”

Selfie of PiperJo Tripp's ear.
Selfie of PiperJo Tripp’s ear.

Another Junior, Piper Jo Tripp, also has input on piercings. Piper says, “I have sixteen piercings, I started getting them when I was ten. I have done some on my own but I started going to a professional.”

Photo of PiperJo Tripp by: Brooke Kelly
Photo of PiperJo Tripp by: Brooke Kelly

Freshman Natalie Kowalewski mentions she has fifteen piercings. Overall most of her piercings didn’t hurt. Nat says, “the ones higher on my ear started to hurt. Most were done by a professional.”

Photo of Natalie Kowalewski's ear by: Brooke Kelly
Photo of Natalie Kowalewski’s ear by: Brooke Kelly

Above all, piercings are a great way to express yourself. People can get all different kinds of jewelry. There are many different colors and shapes to fit every personality.

Many students at Blue Ridge love to express themselves through jewelry. This is due to the fact that most people in our generation have trouble expressing themselves, using their jewelry choices to show who they are through their appearance. 


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Brooke Kelly
Brooke Kelly
Brooke Kelly is a junior and actively participates in the National Honor Society. She enjoys football cheer for Susquehanna and playing softball for Blue Ridge. Brooke wants to go to college for her major in accounting. Outside of school she loves spending time with family. 
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