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Organization is Key!

By: Tori Auckland/A&E Editor

Being organized is always a great thing, but sometimes it can be so hard to accomplish. Do you feel like you don’t have enough time to get organized? Well now is the best time to get everything in order. Here are a couple of tips for getting and staying organized!

Color Coding: I color code mostly for school work; I love to match my notebooks, binders, and folders. I keep all one class a certain color, that way you don’t have to search through your locker looking for the right folders, keeping your locker neater (when you use a locker again at least!).

Bins: I love to use bins everywhere! You can keep them in your bathroom drawers to keep hair ties, clips, or products in. I also use small bins on my desk to keep pencils, markers, highlights, and any other office supplies to keep them neat and tidy!

Labels: Labeling things is a great way to stay organized! Using labels on your bins and boxes will help you find things so much easier.

Closet space: Closets can get so messy so fast; trust me, I know! One thing that I find useful for my closet is hanging up clothes. It keeps them all separated, and you can rummage through them without making a mess to find the perfect outfit! I would also recommend categorizing your clothing (tank tops, shorts, jeans, t-shirts, long sleeves), this way when you are looking for that one shirt you will know just where to find it!

Grouping: When you are organizing, the best thing to do is group up your items, that way things that are similar stay together. Doing this makes it much easier to label and find these items.

I hope this helped some of you! Also, remember that a deep clean of your favorite spaces every once in a while makes things feel so much better and much more open, and it’s easier to be productive in a clean work space. So, if you are having trouble getting all of your school work done, getting organized might be the thing to help!


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