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Older Sisters Vs. Older Brothers: Who’s More Affectionate?

By Cassie Clapper/ Junior Writer

I am the youngest of six children. Each one of us is different, and my relationship with each sibling is different, too. Even so, I always stand up for my siblings and they always defend me. I feel like we get along really well and are not afraid to tell each other how we feel or show each other how we feel. So, it got me to thinking: How do other kids my age relate to their siblings? Are they close? If so, do they feel comfortable showing it, or is it just understood?

I asked some Blue Ridge students,  Sam Beesely, Jenna Crocker, C.W. Smith, and Olivia Hessey, if they feel comfortable to hug their siblings and to give me some insight into their own sibling relations.

Raider Reader:  In your opinion, who is more affectionate and why?

Jenna Crocker: My brother’s not affectionate. He likes his friends more than his family.

Sam Beesely: My sister, because she’s older and more loving.

C.W. Smith: My sister. She actually cares.

Olivia Hessey: We talk, but my brother and I don’t do that kind of physical contact.

RR: Everyone has a feeling toward these emotions and how they express them. Some people express those feelings in different ways. Other’s show it similarly. How do you feel about this side of your sibling and why?

CS: It helps me. She picks me up and she cares.

JC: He’s cool, but he’s kind of two-faced.

SB: I like my sister more than my brother. She loves me back.

OH: I like my brother. He’s chill and he doesn’t get on my nerves.

RR: People express their feelings in different ways at different times. It shows by being all lovey-dovey in public, standing up for someone else, or comforting you when you feel sad. When is this sibling the most affectionate?

JC: On family trips.

CS: Whenever I seem down.

SB: Probably daytime.

OH: When I’m sad.

RR:  Some people are glad for this kind of side to their relative. It shows that they are comfortable to be this way to even the closest to them. That they have a strong connection to their brother/sister. Would this be a good side to your sibling and why?

OH: No. Seeing him affectionate would be awkward. I like him for the way he is.

JC: Meh, kind of weird.

CS: Every side, it’s a normal friendship. I don’t know.

SB: Yes. They’re my siblings.

Having a sibling could make your world seem more complete and full. Remember the good times and the bad. Not everyone can say that they have someone to help them when they need it. Someday, you might miss the ones you had by your side. You should always keep in mind that family has no end. Who do you think is more affectionate? An older sister, or an older brother? Sometimes, it could be equal. Other times, it’s the one you trust more to be the most affectionate to you.


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Raider Reader
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