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Office Renovations

By: Erin Houlihan/Senior Feature Editor

Since the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, our original middle school/high school office has been under construction. The office has been moved to the very end of the hallway until the construction is finished. Every day, there is noticeable progress within the office. As for the new construction being done with the office, Mrs. Webster and Mrs. DeVincentis will be in the office like they always have, but now the office will accommodate Mr. Deck and our new attendance/security clerk Mrs. Haley.

Superintendent, Mr. Matthew Button, has answered some questions about the remodeling. During the interview, we learned that the main reason for the redesign is to make this school a more secure environment. With the old office, visitors would enter through the main doors, which gave them access to many other hallways. Essentially, they were free to roam wherever they wanted in the school. With the redesign, visitors will not be able to enter through the main doors and they will come in through the office, for these safety reasons, during school hours. When the renovation is complete, visitors will enter into “a locked vestibule, until they show proof of ID and receive a visitor’s badge through our School Gate Guardian System,” Button says. 

Mr. Button states that the complete interior renovations will be coming in February of 2020, while the complete new exterior entrance will be coming in the spring/summer of 2020. 

Overall, the renovations being made to the office will make Blue Ridge a safer place and a more secure building than it was before.


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