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NYC Art Trip

By: Kimberly Bryden/Junior Writer

This year in Blue Ridge the students of the school are able to take an educational trip to NYC. The trip is for anyone who wants to go. They are going September 27th 2017. Everyone that is interested in going has the opportunity to take a day trip to the Modern Museum of Art and then go and see a Broadway Show. According to Sarah Camburn, the one who got the idea for the trip, the main reason for the trip is… “To let students experience culture and broader horizons.”

The scheduling for the trip has the students planned to see the Museum of Modern Art, Times Square and the Broadway musical School of Rock. Mrs. Camburn states the reason we chose the Modern Museum of Art is because… “It includes things more current now. Current art, current artist. Even if the artist has passed they created more modern art; it’s closer to what’s happening now.” Times Square was chosen because it worked with our time schedule and where we were going. The final destination is to the School of Rock musical; which was picked because it’s a high-energy musical and Principal of Curriculum and Instruction, Matthew Nebzydoski, was actually wanting to go see it himself.

The trips plan started in last April with the help of Matthew Nebzydoski. “I never did a trip this long before.” Camburn tells. Students are still able to sign up and pay the $100 dollars to go on the trip; everything is due September 13th to the art teacher.

The things planned for the trip could have possible problems such as the weather conditions and the factor that there will be a lot of walking. Another thing could possibly be the scary thought that there are about 50 students that will be walking around Times Square, which is very crowded. Though as Camburn says, “we always think positive, so it will be absolutely perfect!”


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