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No More Wifi?!?

By: Alisa Dauro/ Senior writer and Siara Gennarelli/ Junior writer

Have you ever walked into your school on the first day and were so excited to post all over snapchat about how your day is going for all of your friends to see? Well, not here at Blue Ridge. Over the summer, the administrators thought it would be a great idea to change the wifi password at the school for various reasons. The main reasoning behind all of that is because “students don’t focus as much when they are on their phones.”

Three staff members’ opinions are quoted below.

SRO, Mr. Deck believes “Its a good idea for the students. Phones are a distraction.”

MS/HS teacher, Mrs. Krause feels “The restrictions on wifi will eliminate unproductive classroom behavior. Students will be less likely to use social media and stay on top of things such as school work.”

Finally, Dawn Cook, Direction of Information Technology at Blue Ridge, stated “its a good idea because the chrome books will run faster with less phones on the wifi and it will make the internet better for everyone.”

Being off of your phone all day everyday may be hard for some students but it is well worth it if you get to earn a better education by the end of the school year. This of course is the view through the eyes of the administrators.

However, there are many students who have a different perspective.

 The perspective of a lot of kids at Blue Ridge, including Dillon Macleod and Devon Muchanic, is that “It’s very unfair and not respectful towards students.”

Nick Ross also said “Kids cannot listen to music throughout the day and most enjoy doing that in their free time.” 

Kaelbeigh Lankford gave her input that “Most people don’t have service and the time we do have is at lunch. Then, that gets taken away because we can no longer use our phones in the cafeteria.” 

Emily Gorham replied “It doesn’t really fix any problems, but it does cause more problems.” 

Layla Sinnett believes “It is not at all a solution because we are not able to get ahold of parents when we really need it.”


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Alisa Dauro
Alisa Dauro
Alisa is a senior now in her first year of journalism. She is interested in working at Subway and really loves to spend time with her boyfriend and  watch Netflix when she gets the time to do so.


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