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No Fall Season?!

By: Cassie Clapper/Senior Writer

The school year of 2018-2019 starts off nice and warm. Then there’s rain and more rain. October hits, everyone is ready for fall, except that it doesn’t feel like fall or look like it at this point. The rain that’s poured down already took most the leaves off the trees, and most of them don’t even have those fall colors we adore. The leaves and their still-green colors are on the ground and disappointing.

Most will say that it doesn’t even feel like fall: it feels like winter is coming right around the corner. We may have pumpkins and the Halloween spirit, but it doesn’t feel the same. It may be October and the leaves are falling. Yet, the colors aren’t changing and the air is colder than it should be. It’s just an unsettling feeling at this time in the season. Hopefully soon, the leaves will show they’re changing and the air will smell like autumn.

As for now, there are students who’d like to share what they think of this time in the seasons.

Luis Tobon: I usually feel stressed during the autumn season. I think that it got cold quick this fall. I didn’t feel right from early October due to the transition from hot to cold. I think that Global Warming is the cause for this weather shift. I see this leading to more stress. There’s no one to blame for the weather.

Matt Bednarchik: I usually feel nice during this time of the year for the autumn season. I don’t think there is a fall this year. It didn’t feel right a few days ago when there was snow on the ground and it was really cold. I say to ask Mr. Mazikewich about why it’s like this. I see this leading to snowy weather. I blame God for the weather.

David Hill: Usually, I feel unified with the Earth during the autumn season. This fall definitely feels like the wettest one we’ve had. It hasn’t felt right when it snowed in the morning. Nothing is wrong with the weather, God is good at his job, but he’s not telling us what’s wrong. I see this turning into devastating nature. There’s no one to blame, I’m happy with it.

Breanna Derrick: I usually feel sad for the summer to go, but happy because winter’s coming.  I think that its too cold for this fall. It didn’t feel right when it was hot and now its cold. I say that Global Warming is the reason for this change. I see this leading to the sequence of summer to winter then winter to summer. I blame no one.


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