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No Day Like A SNOW DAY!

By: Tori Auckland/A&E Editor

You wake up and look outside your window…there is snow everywhere! You turn on the news channel and see “BLUE RIDGE-CANCELED.” It’s a snow day! No school, no homework, and no worries. But, the day starts going by and you find yourself bored, again. So, now what? There are so many things that you could do with your free day!

BAKE SOMETHING GREAT- Baking is so much fun, and a great pastime! It keeps you busy and you get to eat what you put your time into. Everyone loves to snuggle up by the fire while watching holiday movies, accompanied with sweet treats.

PAINT A PICTURE- Even if you aren’t great at anything art related, it is still so much fun to paint. You could either gawk at your amazing artwork, or laugh at your attempt.

BUILD A FORT- Yes it seems childish, but it’s always fun to travel back in time. Grab all the pillows and blankets in your house and make a little fort to pass the time.

CHRISTMAS MOVIE MARATHON- Now that you’ve created a fort for yourself, you can have a movie marathon in it! Christmas movies are such a fun way to get yourself in the holiday spirit, especially Hallmark Movies!

CRAFTS- Grab anything you can and let your creative side show! The best thing about crafting is the fact that you can gift what you make for Christmas!

The activities listed above are all for inside. Since there is snow on the ground, there are a bunch of fun things to do outdoors, too! If you are an outdoorsy person, then winter is the season for you!

BUILD A SNOWMAN- Roll up some snow, stack them up, and make a snowman! You can even customize him to make him super cute! You could add little scarfs, or hats to put on him!

GO SLEDDING- Get a group of friends, find a huge hill and have at it. You could even make jumps or ramps to make it more fun.

HAVE A SNOWBALL FIGHT- First make sure that you have a wall or fort to hide behind, because you don’t want to be in open fire. Then, make a whole bunch of snowballs and get ready to throw!

ICE SKATING- Ice skating is a fun pastime to learn. Even if you don’t want to try it, it’s still funny to watch the clumsy people.

When a “Silent Night” turns into a “Winter Wonderland”, you can use your snow day to be productive and also have fun! You could build a “Frosty the Snowman” or just wait around because “Santa Clause is Coming to Town!”


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