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News-In-Brief: Stocking Stuffer Raffle Winners Announced

By: Christie Baldwin/Senior Writer

The Blue Ridge Class of 2023 proudly announces the winners of their stocking stuffer raffle fundraiser which ended today.

Class advisor Dawn McHale says the winners are Meghan Ragard and Terry Roseburgh.

McHale says she wishes to thank the following donors who made the raffle possible:

  • Sheila’s Hair and Beyond
  • Red Rock BBQ
  • Planet 3
  • Uncle Charlie’s Pizza
  • Jeffers’ Tree Farm
  • Cindy’s Coffee Shop
  • New Milford Coffee Shop
  • Blue Ridge Outfitters
  • Forever Bouquets by Judy
  • Endless Mountains Roastery
  • Binghamton Devils
  • Schneider’s Market
  • McDonald’s Restaurants
  • Original Italian Pizza
  • Bingham’s Restaurants
  • Green Gables
  • Dobb’s Restaurant
  • Armettas’s Pizza
  • Skate Estate
  • Tedeschi’s
  • Mess’s Fireworks


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