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News in Brief: PTO Dinner With Santa

By: Makayla Shidagis/Sophomore Writer

On December 18th, the PTO held its annual Dinner with Santa, with approximately 210 people in attendance.

The PTO provided a lot of activities for the families to participate in. For example, there was a checklist that they had to complete, which consisted of having dinner, making crafts, a selfie spot, guessing jar, and a picture with Santa. At the end of the event, they counted how many candy canes there were in the jar, and 5th grader Richard Lord was the closest winner.

According to Elementary Guidance Counselor Mrs. Boyko, the PTO’s annual Dinner with Santa receives the same amount of attention and participation as the annual Breakfast with the Easter Bunny.

When I was in Elementary, I always liked the dinner with Santa more. But hey, that’s just my opinion. What one did you like more when you were in Elementary?



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