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News In Brief: Blue Ridge Scholastic Book Fair

By: Luis Tobon/Content Editor

Blue Ridge is now having a Scholastic Book Fair for both high school and middle school students. Sponsored by Scholastic, this specific fair is a subcategory, known as a Table-Top Book Fair.

Photo By: Luis Tobon

Open during school hours, the book fair can be located at the High School Library during any period of the day. Provided a class is not being disrupted by your presence/lack of attendance, students and teachers are welcomed to visit and make a purchase on books, supplies, and novelty items. Cash and credit are accepted.

Proctored by Mrs. Gilboy, a former high school teacher that was moved in order to teach the second grade. Consequently, there was no one to push for a book fair, thus a big time gap since the last book fair occurred.

Mrs. Gilboy expressed pleasant surprise when realizing how many books were being purchased. In fact, the school is expected to order more books to restock and expand wares for the fair. This is expected to occur soon after Thanksgiving break. She explained that having this small book fair and meeting a quota of sales would allow the school to be reimbursed money for more reading material in our library. This quota being that there must be a net worth of some $700 made.

Photo By: Luis Tobon

With sales exceeding expectation, some students request their items of desired interest be reserved for them to purchase at a later time. These items are marked, labeled, and then placed on specific shelves for the future owner. This allows students who don’t have sufficient funds to purchase what they’d like at a different time, without the worry of losing their books to another customer.

Overall, the 2018-2019 Scholastic Book Fair is proving to be successful, as well as beneficial for the school itself. Though not necessary, purchasing anything from the fair will be of great help to meeting the quota of sales. With every purchase, students and teachers alike can help support our library, improving our local community as a whole.


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Luis Tobon
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