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News Brief: Prom Tickets On Sale

By: Kendall Farthing/Junior Writer

Prom tickets for the BR Prom will go on sale starting Monday, April 17 during lunch.

Students can also buy tickets from English teacher Katie Bailey in room 250.

Tickets cost $35 each, and this year’s theme is Greek Mythology, a Night in Greece.

The prom is scheduled to take place on Friday, May 12, 2023 at the Green Gables, New Milford, PA.

Invitations to the junior/senior prom line the lockers in the senior hallway. Photo by: Kendall Farthing/Junior Writer


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Kendall Farthing
Kendall Farthing
Kendall is a senior that is striving for greatness in school to pursue her dream in Zoology. Kendall plays softball, basketball. She golfs and also skis. Skiing is her favorite thing to do in the winter but softball is her number one interest, overall. In Kendall's free time, she enjoys the company of her friends and family. Kendall loves to be outdoors, especially hiking and geocaching with the school's geocaching club.
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