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New Year’s Resolutions are Kind of Useless

By: Kaelin Hughes/Content Editor

Welcome to the new decade! The “Roaring 20’s” will bring us a plethora of new things in our lives, but that may not be good enough.  This brings us to what almost every other person does to ring in the new year: make new year’s resolutions.  Although these resolutions may have good intentions for those who have them, I personally believe that there is no point to these goals due to misplaced intentions, timing, and failure to develop new habits.

New year’s resolutions are practically useless due to how these kinds of goals can be set at any time of the year.  Most of the time, these goals deal with healthier lifestyles such as eating better, losing weight, etc., or becoming a better person.  These resolutions are completely valid, but why not try before the year is over?  Needing the new year to clean the slate and start over just allows people to push off their goals if they slip up.  The objective of a healthier lifestyle may be easier to start working on at the beginning of the year to track progress, though.  Essentially, using the new year to pursue goals allows people to constantly put off their goals more and more, therefore, they’re essentially useless.

Along with putting off starting new year’s resolutions, the intentions behind them also render them useless.  In the age of social media and rapidly expanding technology, it seems that everyone (and their dog) posts about what they’re doing.  We have a tendency to post on social media just to get a reaction out of people, preferably good. Publicizing your goals will essentially bring you a form of self gratification, because the people that follow your posts will see and most likely try to support you with positive comments. Therefore, we indirectly create resolutions just to gather positive attention from those around us.  In other instances this may be okay, though, since your friends can hold you accountable to your desired goals.  Most of the time, though, we create these goals just to get a plethora of positive support to boost ourselves up.

Lastly, new year’s resolutions can be useless in the sense that new habits are hard to develop.  When wanting to achieve your new year’s goals, you’ll most likely change up part of your schedule or routine to take time for these objectives.  Just like any other human, you probably have a difficult time adjusting to change.  As a result of this, we are more likely to give up resolutions because it is so hard to get used to the changes we make. These goals also may require multiple steps, which means more habits to develop, creating more and more obstacles to jump over.  According to,  All in all, it’s hard to create new habits and commit to a change, therefore makes new year’s resolutions hard and unobtainable. 

New year’s resolutions ARE good things to have, but there are many things getting in the way of their good intentions and people wanting to reach them. Why not just wake up in the morning and set goals for yourself then?  Living in the moment is way better than focusing on doing better in the future.

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