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New Year, New Changes

By: Morgan Mansfield/Co-Editor in Chief

The 2019-20 school year has just begun, and as many years do, it has come with numerous changes.

Dress Code

As many are aware, there have been numerous changes to the Middle and High School dress code.  Athletic pants, leggings, ripped jeans, and hooded tops are just a few of the items that have been added to the list of prohibited clothing.  While it is common for students and parents to be upset about this sort of alteration, the School Board has made all changes in the best interest of the students.  For more information, read Madison Welsted’s article “Don’t Get Dress Coded.” To view the full dress code for the 2019-20 school year, visit BRSD Policy #221.

Drug Punishments

Due to the number of incidents in previous years with students being found with vapes on campus, the school has decided to increase punishments for the offenders.  If a vape is found in possession of a student while on campus, they will automatically receive a three day in school suspension (ISS).  If found a second time, the student will be charged and have to go to court.  This policy is stricter than the previous procedures, but has been altered to reduce, or hopefully eliminate, the number of students bringing these devices to school.


Every year, Blue Ridge gives agendas to every student so that they have somewhere to write down their homework, or plan out their day.  However, the policy with using agendas has changed a bit this year for middle and high school students.  Students are now required to use a “passport” in the back of their agendas as a hall pass when traveling the hallways during class time.  For more information about when students need to use these passes and why, read Jack Condon’s article “Agendas in the Bathroom.”

Flex Schedule

In previous years, the fifth period of the day for high school students and the sixth period of the day for middle school students was intended as a study hall called flex.  Flex was intended for students to finish work, study for tests, meet with teachers for help, or go to the library.  However, not all students used this period wisely.  Because of this, the administration has created a weekly schedule for the flex period where students can work together as motivation and create a safe haven for other students.  Senior writer Seth Anderson published and explained the weekly flex schedule in his article “New Flex.”

AP Collegeboard Classrooms

CollegeBoard has come out with a new program for AP courses called AP Classrooms. The AP CollegeBoard Classrooms are to give students and teachers check marks as to where they are at and what they need to improve upon. Kaelin Hughes recently published an article fully explaining this new program titled CollegeBoard Allows Better Preparation for Advanced Placement Students with New ‘AP Classrooms.’

MS/HS Office has Been Moved (temporarily)

For the time being, the Middle and High School Office has been relocated while the previous office is undergoing renovations.  Instead of being to the right and up the few stairs upon entering the lobby, it is now located on the other end of the hall, closer to the parking lot entrance.  While students will still be entering through the lobby when they come to school in the morning, anyone planning to enter the building once school is in session must enter through the doors near the temporary office at the entrance of the parking lot.

Now that you’ve found out what is new, check out Kaelin Hughes’ article to find out who is new.  “Who’s New? A Look into New Faces at Blue Ridge.”


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Morgan Mansfield
Morgan Mansfield
Morgan Mansfield is a third year journalism student, taking on her senior year of high school.  She spends most of her free time singing, playing, or writing music.  Fascinated by the human mind, Morgan plans to obtain a degree in Clinical Psychology and become a therapist to help people work through their troubles.
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