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New Student Parking Parameters

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In past years, Blue Ridge student drivers were assigned parking spots. This year students choose their own spot on a first come, first-served basis.

Some students like the idea, but others think it causes things to be chaotic.

BR senior and student driver Foxlynn King states, “I prefer the assigned spots. This year everyone kind of chose a spot, so its like last year in a way. But it’s not really, since it’s an unwritten rule that you kind of have to stick to the spot you chose on day one. That doesn’t work, though because there is always someone who changes it. So things can get chaotic. I’d rather have my own spot.”

Another student driver that has been driving since last year, Tim Higgins (senior) says, “I like picking my own spot because some days I can park closer to the exit, and I like the freedom of parking where I want.”

Assigned student parking was discontinued this year, according to BR principal Casey Webster, as the reasons for having it no longer exist.

“We needed to assign parking spots back when we didn’t have security cameras. Now we have cameras, so we don’t need to assign spots.”
“We hope the first come, first served policy for parking will give students an incentive to arrive earlier.”


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Noah Martin
Noah Martin
Senior writer Noah Martin plays baseball, golf and belongs to Envirothon. Noah is not sure yet what he wants to do after college, but says he is family oriented and loves to hunt with his grandfather.
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