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New Spanish Class, Honors Spanish

By: Carissa Zawiski/Junior Assistant to the Editor

This school year a new class has been added to Blue Ridge High School. Spanish teacher Mrs. Lucrecia Jesse, is teaching an Honors Spanish class. She has asked for an honors class in the past while students were filling out their schedules, and now finally has a class consisting of 21 students.

Freshman student Madison Carpenter stated that a difference between the regular Spanish I class and Honors Spanish I class is, “We will be able to learn faster and be more advanced.” Along with that, freshman Griffin Whitehead added that he likes that the class is more hands on, and that he gets to learn the background of Spanish countries.

After asking Jesse how difficult is this class compared to her other Spanish classes, she responded, “This class is going to involve more writing and more content in exams.”

Whitehead stated that some of their classwork involves book work, working in groups, and repeating words Jesse says back to her. Carpenter added that they have been working with partners and introducing themselves in Spanish.

Jesse also got new books this year for her Spanish I and II classes. She is very thankful for them, and says they are “more realistic in how the different topics and conversations are taught, and they flow easily.”

When asked if there was ever an Honors Spanish class before, Jesse responded that she is unaware of any Honors Spanish before, but she hopes to add an AP (Advanced Placement) Spanish class in the future.


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