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New Rules For NHS: Part II

By: Delia Geyer/ Content Editor

The new rules for National Honor Society (NHS) hours were already laid out in the article linked below, but they have since been updated.

New Rule for NHS Members: Will Your Hours Still Count?

The rule was changed earlier this school year to be that no volunteer hours would be accepted towards the 4 hours needed for Honor Society if they were done during the school day. For example, helping out with elementary field days, or doing recycling.

However, the rules were updated.

At most, two hours during school time can count towards volunteer hours. Also, you must have already done some hours outside of school before you are eligible to help out during school.

The reason for the most recent change, according to The National Honor Society Adviser, Sarah Yeust, is due to not wanting to discourage students from contributing inside the school.

Yeust says, “The only eligible school day activities (that can count for hours) are tutoring, recycling, and assisting in the Life-Skills classroom with special events.”




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