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New Hires and Positions: Who’s new?

By: Milia Stilloe/Review Editor

This year Blue Ridge hired many new faculty and staff. Some are brand new to the school district, while some are getting used to a new position. Get to know the new faces around the Blue Ridge School District!

Ms. Price is a long term sub for Mrs. Less this school year, Price is a recent graduate from West Chester University, and this is her first full-time teaching position! Since her start here, she says everyone has been nothing but welcoming and helpful to her. She is appreciative that this position is here at Blue Ridge.  Price says she sees much potential in all of her students, and is excited to see what the school year brings!

Photo taken by Milia Stilloe

Mrs. Maher is from Scranton PA, and although she is not a new hire, she is new to the Blue Ridge Middle School. She says she really likes the Middle School, and the teachers here, as well as the students, are very welcoming to her! Maher says the Blue Ridge community is caring and has respect she says you don’t find in most school districts!

Photo taken by Milia Stilloe

Mrs. Sanders, from Binghamton NY, is enjoying her time at Blue Ridge, and says the staff has been so kind and helpful! She sees herself herself working here “for as long as her brain and body will allow me!” She agrees with the new rules here at Blue Ridge and thinks it will keep things calm and fair between students, she also thinks the school is much like other schools. She taught at Binghamton University for 7 years, subbed at Maine Endwell for 3 years, and this is her 2nd year teaching at Blue Ridge! Her favorite thing at Blue Ridge is how helpful and kind the staff is to her, anytime she’s needed help the staff has gone above and beyond to help her!

Photo taken by Milia Stilloe

Mrs. Heeman says Blue Ridge is awesome. It’s the best opportunity to be able to work at the school she once attended and graduated from! She says the students are great and very welcoming the staff is great as well, all the teachers and staff have offered me so much and encouragement and has been a great experience so far. Blue Ridge compared to other school is a big family, everyone truly cares about each other and work hard to make it the best school for the students Mrs. Heeman says. This is Mrs. Heemans first year teaching, she was able to do her student teaching here at Blue Ridge under Mrs. Watkins and she absolutely loved it!

Photo taken by Milia Stilloe

Mr. Floyd grew up in NEPA and taught in several NEPA school districts prior to Blue Ridge! He went to college in Philidelphia and taught at several Philidelphia school districts as well, he says Blue Ridge is great! Mr. Floyd says the students are very well behaved and the staff are dedicated and very welcoming. He’s having a blast teaching here! Mr. Floyd says he sees a future here for himself, teaching here for many years while also furthering his own academic career and studies! He thinks Blue Ridge is very professional, he finds the dress code and phone rules to be a refreshing change from other districts.

Photo taken by Milia Stilloe


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Milia Stilloe
Milia Stilloe
Milia Stilloe is a first year sophomore journalism writer. She participates in school volleyball and travel volleyball. She also is in multiple clubs and enjoys playing outside with her friends and family in her free time.
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