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New Football Cheer Coach, 2023

By: Brooke Kelly/Junior Writer 


Jackson Maby from Susquehannsa

The new 2023 Football Cheer Coach Amanda Williams feels as though this team has changed for the better this season. The team has gotten many compliments about the new style of cheer and Amanda has a lot to say about it.

Coach Amanda states, “We are transitioning into a game-day style cheer. If you’ve been to a football game you might notice we sound and look a little different this year.” I agree we have changed our style of cheer. I personally think we look and sound more like a team all together. 

The Cheerleader’s Thoughts

Jackson Maby from Susquehanna

Junior Meghan Perry commented on the new style and coach, “I absolutely love her and she’s done such an amazing job reconstructing our team. I see such an improvement with the girls’ attitudes and the way ourselves and others view football cheer leading.” Considering Meghan is one of our captains, many agree with her. A lot has changed this year and the girls love how things are turning out.   

Vanessa Payne, a Senior says, “As different as the style of coaching is I think it’s exactly what the sabers need to be better cheerleaders.”  For instance, many people who have come to a football game this season have all said about how amazing the cheerleaders look this year. 

Freshman Mackenzie Benson states, “Amanda has been my coach almost my entire life, I feel good about the new season. We look and sound a lot better.” Hence, every girl does the same hairstyle and light game day make-up.

More Information on Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams has been coaching since she was 15 years old and cheered throughout her high school career. She also hopes to get us into a competition once this season is over. Amanda says this team has made great progress this year. Although, there is much more progress to come within the next few years.

Find more information on what the Football team has been up to:

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Brooke Kelly
Brooke Kelly
Brooke Kelly is a junior and actively participates in the National Honor Society. She enjoys football cheer for Susquehanna and playing softball for Blue Ridge. Brooke wants to go to college for her major in accounting. Outside of school she loves spending time with family. 
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