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New Employees at Blue Ridge!

By: Reese Allen and Kayla Blaisure/Junior Writers

Coming into the school year, we welcome some new employees to Blue Ridge. Here are a few words from them and how they feel about being at Blue Ridge during COVID-19. 

Michael Courtright is the High School Business teacher taking over Brian Lewis  position who has retired.

Q: How do you feel about coming back to Blue Ridge?

A: “ I am very excited to be back at Blue Ridge, after spending a couple of years in cyber school, it isn’t the same as being here at Blue Ridge. Being with the community and teaching in person is something that I missed.”

Q: What made you want to come back to Blue Ridge?

A: “ I wanted to come back because years ago, I decided to take my luck through sales, and through my experience I decided that I really liked teaching. When the first opportunity came about I jumped to it. When I heard that Mr. Lewis was retiring, I had the opportunity to come back. I learned through some tough experiences that I really enjoyed it, and my heart and where I wanted to be was here.” 

Q: How do you feel about teaching during COVID-19? 

A: “ It is stressful from the teachers’ side of things, but I understand that it is getting back to some sense of normal for our students. After having six or seven months of not doing too much or uncertainty it is nice to see people in class, and you guys are happier to be back because of all the uncertainty and down time. It is nice to do something to keep your minds off of something with all of the uncertainty in society.”


Jen Phillips is our new Middle School and High School clerk in the new office. 

Q: Are you excited to be at Blue Ridge? 

A: “ Yes, I am very excited to be at Blue Ridge.”

Q: What made you want to come to Blue Ridge? 

A:I love what  Blue Ridge does for its students and community and I wanted to be a part of it.” 

Q: What are you looking forward to by being in the office? 

A: “I look forward to working with all the staff and seeing the students grow throughout their career at Blue Ridge.” 

Rachel Pavilk is the new part time nurse here at Blue Ridge, trying to keep all of us safe and healthy while being at school. 

Q: What made you interested in wanting to come to Blue Ridge?

A: “ I have always wanted to go into nursing with Pediatrics which is kids so there’s a lot of different ways you can do that with her in the hospital or doctor’s office or school. Blue Ridge specifically because I have grown up around here, it’s close by. One of the children that I did home care for went to Blue Ridge, and so I was here everyday with that child and I really got to see the environment and I really enjoyed it. I got along with the other nurses.” 

Q: What do you enjoy about being a nurse?

A: “ I enjoy being able to help people take care of them, make them feel better, and help prevent others from getting sick.”

Q: Are you nervous about being here during COVID-19? 

A: “I’m not necessarily nervous to be here during COVID, because as a nurse I know a lot about it so I understand how to protect myself, other people and the spread of it. There is a lot of extra work and paperwork, and precautions that we have to take because of COVID.”  



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Reese Allen
Reese Allen
Reese Allen is in her first year of journalism. She is entering her junior year of high school.  She participates in National Honor Society, Student Council, Class Officer, and basketball. In her free time she likes to hangout with friends and watch Netflix.


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Cayli Allen
Cayli Allen
3 years ago

Great job, Reese! Wishing you all a happy and healthy school year!

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