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New Dismissal Time

By: Emma Davis/Editor-in-Chief

Blue Ridge School District’s new dismissal time is a disappointment to some students, but seems immaterial to most teachers.

During the height of the COVID-19 epidemic, Blue Ridge completed double bus runs to fulfill CDC social distancing recommendations. As a result, students were dismissed at 2:24 each day. This year, however students find themselves in school until 3:02 p.m.

Students Thoughts

Students were interviewed to see what they thought about this change.

“I don’t like it,” Aiden Choplosky, an 11th grader says.

“It takes up more of my free time.”

When asked what he enjoyed about being dismissed at 2:24 he says, “I got out of school early and it gave me more time to do other things I’m involved in.”

Choplosky believes the extra free time helps with stress and better sleeping habits.

“Otherwise, we spend more time on school work, have less time for homework, and get too tired.”

Olivia Seaman, a tenth grader, was also asked what she thought: “I don’t like it. I think it should go back to 2:24. It messes with my work schedule and it’s too much.”

She also added how nice it was to get out of school early.

“Everyone got used to it and now it changed. It just won’t work.”

Case in point: The students prefer the earlier dismissal time.

Teachers’ Thoughts

To get everyone’s point of view, the teachers were also interviewed.

“It doesn’t matter which time we use,” Gregory Bitner, BR history teacher, says.

When asked what he likes about the 3:00 dismissal, he states: “It allows teachers to have a prep period during the school day; however, the 2:24 dismissal time was nice because athletes did not miss ninth period.”

Aimee Krause, BR English teacher, also says she has no opinion about the dismissal time change.

“It is what it is. I just go with the flow, since I really don’t have a say.”

She also implied the 2:24 dismissal time was nice, saying: “Students had more time outside of school for activities and family time.”

Case in point: The teachers don’t really have an opinion and are fine with either dismissal time.

What do You Think?

So, is the 3:00 dismissal time too much for students and teachers?

Students would prefer the earlier dismissal time for many personal reasons. Teachers, on the other hand, don’t mind the change and seen flexible about the new dismissal time.

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Emma Davis
Emma Davis
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